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Soul Creatives is a boutique marketing agency dedicated to bringing soulful solutions and storytelling to connect and empower brands with their audience. We specialize in content marketing, branding and content licensing.

Creating digital experiences and stories

As an agency committed to storytelling and solutions, we aim to be your visual and content narrators. We believe you, as a brand, have a story to tell and a solution to someone’s needs. We want to be part of that journey—to connect people to solutions.

With a bespoke approach to each project, we’re here to bridge your vision to your audience. We’re focused on delivering meaningful and soulful digital experiences that radiate your essence as a brand.

Our purpose is to help brands soulfully communicate their purpose and solutions to their audience.

Our purpose is to help brands soulfully communicate their purpose and solutions to their audience.


Jasmine (their founder) is very good at what she does, with the detail provided to her, she really knows how to compress that information and create a compelling written piece.

I’m really please with the final project and I feel it really hits all the main points of my brand.

I can’t wait to have it public. I’d definitely recommend to others. Thanks a lot!

“We had the pleasure of working with Jasmine and her team at Soul Creatives for over a year on our marketing campaigns for our start-up, Raydesk. Their social media expertise, particularly in relation to LinkedIn, has delivered impressive results: a boosted profile, a growing number of followers, and quality content. But what really stands out is the way Jasmine and her team engage with our community. With a quick and intuitive grasp of the needs of our target audience, Jasmine and her team have a real talent for communicating our message in a way that really resonates with people. Jasmine’s punctuality, constant willingness to help, and invaluable advice have highlighted the benefits of working with an agency of this caliber. Our experience has been very positive, and we look forward to working with her again in the future.”

- Roché
Leo Novella
Raydesk, Switzerland

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