Who We Are

Soul Creatives is a female-led content, branding, and licensing agency, composed of talented creatives and specialists in the field of marketing. Based in Manila, Philippines, we work with both local and international brands to assist them in translating their brand stories into content that customers can resonate with and fall in love with.

Our agency was born to provide brands and business owners with solutions to navigate the complex world of content and digital marketing. We’re focused on providing strategic but soulful content systems, brand storytelling, design, and licensing that will assist you in communicating your vision. We adapt to your digital needs and stories with one goal in mind: to make sure your audience profoundly connects to your digital presence.

Meet the FOUNDER

A passionate creative with an eye for aesthetics and telling stories, Jasmine Seale has 10 years of experience in marketing, starting as a content writer and fashion marketer.

For the past years, she has helped 30+ small businesses create their content marketing, digitally strategize their business, and narrate their story through branding.

Over the years, she has learned her professional purpose: to translate brands into narratives that people can resonate with.

Now, with her agency, Soul Creatives, she wants to expand that purpose: to assist more brands in finding and narrating their own stories. Because for her, it means helping more people be connected to brands that can solve their problems.


Soul Creatives aims to construct
soulful content strategies for businesses that are ready to embrace success
and storytelling.

Soul Creatives aims to construct soulful content strategies for businesses that are ready to embrace success and storytelling.


Why WORK with us?



You’ll find a partner in us to tell your brand story into compelling visuals and content.



Your vision and goals will translate into increased KPI and creatives that you’ve always wanted.



With our team and proven systems, your content and branding will be as easy as you’ve imagined it.

Let's create STORIES!

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Jasmine Seale

Position:  Founder & CEO

:  I call myself a creative marketing strategist, believing that marketing is both an art and a science. For almost 10 years now, I’ve been merging empathy with the rationale of marketing, assisting brands to find their voice and narrative that people can resonate with.

Fun Fact: 
I love adventure and scuba diving. Nature fuels my soul. And, I spend most of my free time reading.

Theo Ralph Viola

Position: Multimedia Designer

Description: I am a multimedia designer based in Manila who specializes in visual design. I am also studying accessible and inclusive UI/UX design and design systems.

Fun Fact: I am a sneaker and toy collector who believes that pandesal is the superior bread.

Harrold Cruz

Position: Head of Web Development

Description: I am a Web Developer based in Laguna who specializes in both the front-end and back-end of the website structure. I have a good 6 years of experience in my chosen career and am still continuously improving and learning new approaches to web development.

Fun Fact: I can be both introvert and an extrovert. I can just be in my gaming room for a whole day to play, but I can also socialize with other people as long as there’s beer! 

Fulgencio II Punay

Position: Digital Marketing Specialist (SEO)

Description: I’m 39 yrs old and have been an SEO for over 10 years. I love playing basketball and exploring the outdoors through mountain climbing and camping. I have 3 kids and have been married for 18 years.

Fun fact: I love walking. When I was working in Makati back then, I walked around 5 KM from the bus stop to my office and I will walk back from my office to the bus stop for another 5KM after work.

Vanni Vargas

Position: Web Designer

Description: I’ve been a graphic designer for 10 years, and my style is more minimalist, feminine, and geometrical. I am skilled in conceptualizing and preparing artwork, especially in print design layout and web.

Fun Fact:  When I was young, my dream was to have a pet lion or tiger. When we’re going to the zoo before, they are the first animal I would come to. Until now, I enjoy watching videos about lions and tigers.

Charles Co

Position: Web Designer

Description: I have 3+ years of experience in web designing through the world of freelancing. I am also a curious designer who’s in love with a minimal design that follows functionality.

Fun Fact:  I love everything about the ’80s.

Jossit Lungan

Position: General Manager

Description: I’am mother and wife. I have 5 years of experience as a Property Specialist and am now learning the world of multimedia marketing. 

Fun fact: I love chocolates, cakes, and anything sweets, but I am scared to have diabetes.

Denis Lafage

Position: Head of Business Development 

Description: After years in business development for multinational companies, I am highly knowledgeable in finance and sales. I use my years of experience in sales with a love for aesthetics to provide business solutions to Soul Creatives’ clientele. 

Fun fact:  A true Frenchman. Like French cuisine, my negotiation skill is smooth like butter.